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Explore our array of services, tailored for you to enjoy the most relaxing and thoroughly affordable spa experience.

All Available Services

  • reflexology-massage


    Feel Lighter and refreshed after a foot + leg soak and scrub, followed by a reflexology treatment.

    • $2030 min

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  • manicure3-elementsSpa-300x300-thumbs-2

    Enjoy a Hand or Foot Scrub ADD ON to your Pedicure or Manicure

    Remove and heal dry, cracked skin to reveal a smoother plumper texture. Relax through an aromatic sea salt scrub and luxurious massage

    • $515 Minutes

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  • facial2-elementsSpa-300x300-thumbs

    AHA Peel

    Specially selected Alpha Hydroxy Acids and enzymes are used to deeply exfoliate the skin. The smaller molecules allow for an intense exfoliation and also stimulates collagen production.

    • $2060 Minutes

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  • facial1-elementsSpa-300x300-thumbs

    Hydradermie Facial

    The use of positive + negative ions is used on the face to drive special ingredients into the skin for either Firming, Plumping, Purifying or Lightening.

    • $4060 Minutes

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  • facial3-elementsSpa-300x300-thumbs

    NIC Facial

    We customize your facial based on your specific skin type and conditions. You will see the benefits after your first treatment!

    -Anti Wrinkle
    -Purifying Facial
    -Lightening Facial
    -Firming Facial

    • $2060 Minutes

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  • Swedish_Massage_new

    Swedish Massage

    Experience custom blended aromatic oils, specifically mixed to alleviate pain, increase relaxation and soften the skin.

    Aromatherapy will give you physiological and psychological benefits with an instant sense of well being.

    • $2030 Minutes

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  • manicure3-elementsSpa-300x300-thumbs-2

    Arm & Hand Scrub

    Using the earth’s naturally occurring minerals, our Sea Scrub treatment will give you a radiant softness and shimmer you can feel.

    Remove and heal dry, cracked skin to reveal a smoother, plumper skin.  Relax through an aromatic sea salt scrub and luxurious hand and arm massage

    • $2030 Minutes

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  • feet2-elementsSpa-300x300-thumbs-2

    Foot & Leg Sea Scrub

    This treatment will give you a radiant softness and shimmer you can feel.

    Walk on air with this intense sea salt exfoliation infused with stimulating and cleansing botanicals.

    Followed up with a 15 min massage to ensure that any built up tension or pain disappears.

    • $4560 Minutes

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  • feet2-elementsSpa-300x300-thumbs-3

    Deluxe Pedicure

    The same elements as the Classic Pedicure are included in this service.

    Additionally your feet and lower legs are exfoliated with sea salt or enveloped in paraffin wax to nourish the skin and sooth the stiff joints. This is followed with a polish application while you enjoy your day.

    • $4560 Minutes

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  • celluliteMassage

    Cellulite Massage

    This intense treatment will leave you feeling lighter with it’s draining and firming properties.

    Re-sculpt your body today!

    • $2030 Minutes

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  • back_nech_shoulder_massage

    Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

    Focus on your stress points with this massage.

    Treat chronic back pain , tension and stress.

    • $2030 Minutes

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  • bodyBronzing-elementsSpa-300x300-thumbs

    Body Bronzing

    Guinot Bronzer will have you feeling vibrant and sun kissed.

    This specialized treatment naturally induces your skin to produce DHA, which results in a glowing radiance and golden tan.

    Enjoy an exfoliation prior to your service, which will last you from 2 to 3 weeks.

    • $5045 Minutes

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