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Pampering spa services at affordable prices in Vancouver

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Body Treatment

Take your pampering experience to a new level with body treatments.

  • reflexology-massage


    Feel Lighter and refreshed after a foot + leg soak and scrub, followed by a reflexology treatment.

    • $2030 min

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  • bodyWrap1-elementsSpa-300x300-thumbs-2

    Full Body Wrap

    Starts with a dry brush exfoliation, then your choice of an aromatherapy blend best suited for your body goals.

    • $2060 Minutes

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  • backFacial1-elementsSpa-300x300-thumbs

    Back Facial

    With a deep cleanse, you’ll feel lighter with the process before the exfoliation process. Then enjoy a massage to bring your skin to a level of ease for the final service, a clay mask of specialized minerals to refine your skin.

    • $2030 Minutes

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